Andrew George MP:

Letter of Support from Andrew George MP. 28 Aug 2012. Click here.

Department for Transport:

DfT (Minister’s letter) letter to FRIST dated 13 Nov 2012. Click here.
DfT meeting with FRIST 23 Jan 2014 (FRIST summary). Click here.


A Comparative Study of the Isles of Scilly and the Scottish Islands (IOS Council) . July 2012. Click here.
Penzance Harbour South Pier & Lighthouse Pier History and Condition (Cornwall Council) 22 May 2013 (the rock armour issue) - click here

European Commission.

Notes of FRIST meetings with EC officials 28 May 2013 (State Aid regulations and how they affect public subsidies for transport links). Click here.

FRIST Reports

IOS Travel 2002-2014 - Passenger numbers and fares.  Click here
FRIST evidence to House of Commons Transport Committee (Sep 2013) here
FRIST supplementary evidence to HC Transport Committee (Feb 2014)  here.

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