Friday 31 August 2012

MP Expresses Support for Islanders' FRIST Campaign

Andrew George MP, in a letter dated 28 August, to Marian Bennett, FRIST Coordinator, expressed his support for the campaign sayingI very much welcome and strongly support your initiative. 

He went on say the current hiatus regarding the the future of the helicopter service and is potential impact ….. "should give responsible authorities justifiable cause for concern and good reason to pause and think about the long term and strategic questions about the future of viable transport to/from the Islands."

He expressed his belief that in the near term the group could be influential in creating the right environment to advance harbour improvements at both St Mary’s and Penzance.  He observed "we don’t have many days left" referring to deadlines set by the Minister which are driven by European Convergence fundings deadlines.

Comment.   Improvements to harbour infrastructure are considered by FRIST to be essential to the lifeline.  The recent announcement of the termination of helicopter service on 1 Nov has highlighted that improving the two harbours is just part of the solution, welcome though it is.

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