Tuesday 9 October 2012

Patient transport arrangements announced by PCT

Isles of Scilly LINk (Linking Community Health & Care) has received confirmation from Cornwall & IOS Primary Care Trust (PCT) of arrangements made to cope with the closure of the helicopter service from 1 Nov 2012. 

Amanda Fisk, Director of Commissioning, stated she was pleased to be able to report that, through some excellent partnership working, we have been able to find a solution for transporting patients to the mainland for medical appointments. 
 She went on to explain that Skybus is proposing to enable its aircraft to:
  • Transport patients needing a stretcher, for non-emergency elective cases only. Can be mobilised within an hour but booking ahead expected. Patients who normally use a wheelchair or otherwise could not enter the aircraft unassisted will need to be transported by stretcher.
  • Carry women who are over 36 weeks pregnant – either by stretcher or in a seat if they can enter unassisted – with a letter from a clinician and an escort if required. 
  • Carry samples and medicines if ISSCo can get a licence; Scillonian or Gry Maritha (cargo ship) to carry meanwhile. 
  •  Carry blood for use in transfusions.
For the full guidance note follow the link here

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