Tuesday 2 October 2012

St Mary's Harbour Project set for Green Light ?

From:  Scilly Today 2 Oct 2012

"The St Mary’s quay project looks likely to proceed after the minister in charge has given the green light to £8m of Government and European funding.

The Scilly and Penzance proposals had been linked together as one scheme by the Liberal Democrat minster Norman Baker. There were fears that if Penzance missed funding deadlines, Scilly would loose out. But the minister has approved the principle of our quay works along with deep dredging at Penzance."
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Comment.  There is still some ongoing discussion about whether the Penzance works might include sea defence measures on South Pier to both protect the structure and reduce overtopping. Damage caused to an historic building on the Pier by overtopping in a Force 8 gale in Jan 2010 took over 18 months to complete.  The cost of the repairs is not known.

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