Tuesday 20 November 2012

Improved IOS-Exeter air service planned for 2013

Skybus is restructuring its air routes to help fill the void created by the cessation of the BIH helicopter service.  Starting on 4 March 2013 there will be 3 return flights a day from Exeter to St Mary’s rising to 5 a day in peak season.  The fare is currently £120 or £130 (single).  With a rail journey time to Exeter of ~2hr 30 mins from London it will be possible to land at St Mary’s before the same London train arrives in Penzance 3 hrs later.

The improved service from Exeter and greatly increased number of flights from Lands End comes at the cost of the withdrawal of the Bristol and Southampton service, a change that inevitably does not suit everybody.

For flight details click here

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