Thursday 20 December 2012

Christmas Shopping the hard way!

Image:  "Cyclone" leaving Penzance to return to Scilly after disembarking 
9 passengers after a 2 hours crossing on 19 Dec 2012.

If you cannot fly out of Scilly on the fixed wing service because weather prevents flying then your options are limited.  Nine intrepid traveller came across to the mainland yesterday on Cyclone, a  rigid inflatable boat operated by Bryher Boats for inter-island transport services.  The journey of 42 miles took approximately 2 hours with Cyclone arriving at Penzance Harbour around lunchtime.   It is not a trip for the faint hearted as passengers are out in the open and crossing open ocean out of sight of land for a significant part of journey (it was foggy). 

Your blog editor went down to South Pier to greet Marian Bennett (FRIST Coordinator)  who was one of the passengers.  The expression on travellers faces was a combination of relief (at having arrived) mixed with stoicism and occasionally  grim humour.  The winter travel situation for islanders is just so obviously unsustainable.

The oldest traveller on this trip was aged over 80 years of age (impressive).  The cost per head was  £110 one way.

Note.  Such crossing are not scheduled and are arranged at short notice when there is no other transport off the islands and the weather and sea state are deemed acceptable for a crossing. For more information contact Bryher Boat Services 01720 422886.

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