Thursday 27 December 2012

Exceptional weather disrupts Scilly holiday transport services.

Travel to and from the islands has proved very difficult for many travellers over the Christmas holiday period so far.  With truly exceptional weather conditions affecting both Scilly and the whole of the South West of England it is important not to draw too many general conclusions from exceptional weather events.  Needless to say, the helicopter service has been sorely missed.  You can read more about the problems at Scilly Today below.

Lands End Airport is expected to remain closed until 2 Jan.

Scilly Today 24 Dec 2012 here.
Scilly Today 27 Dec 2012 here

The current dire winter transport situation for islanders will be relieved in March when the Scillonian III ferry (extensively refitted) resumes her daily summer service.  

FRIST is campaigning for affordable, reliable, all year round lifeline transport services between Scilly and the mainland - services that all other comparable islands in the UK take for granted.

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