Sunday 20 January 2013

FRIST Newsletter - Not received yours yet?

 A message from the FRIST social media 'engine room'.

If you have not received your email update but have subscribed either directly (online) or by returning a paper slip to FRIST them there are a couple of possible reasons:

-          We were unable to read your email address correctly on your paper return.  Of the ~500 new subscribers for Newsletter No 2 we have 15 ‘hard bounces’ meaning mailboxes with addresses that do not exist.  Most of the ‘hard bounces’ are residents on the islands.

-          Your copy of Newsletter No 2 is in your stuck in your spam filter.  We use a commercial email campaign management application (Mailchimp) which is also used by retailers.  Your ISP or perhaps you in the past have identified  mail from Mailchimp as spam.  Check your spam folder for our newsletter (how to do this varies depending on the email application and ISP used).

You can always re-subscribed at or email fist.hub@gmail and ask us to add you to the list of subscribers.  Please indicate whether a resident on the islands or not.

There were also 6 failed email deliveries due to ‘soft bounce’ .  A common reason for this is that your mailbox is full.

Chief Stoker
FRIST Social Media Engine Room

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