Friday 31 January 2014

Further delay to Harbour Projects.

Diana Mompoloki, IOS Council, briefed the Council's Planning Committee on 28 Jan that the St Mary's Quay project was currently 'stuck' awaiting full ERDF appraisal by the funders and confirmation that EU state aid rules are met.  The further delay raised a question about whether the work could be completed in the current ERDF round.  

Read Scilly Today article here.  

Read on for more about the implications of the delay


The default deadline for the approval of new projects to be part funded under the current ERDF tranche was 31 Dec 2013, 2 years before the absolute cut off date for payments of 31 Dec 2015.  Some leeway beyond 31 Dec 2013 had been agreed because even the St Mary's Quay work was considered easily deliverable with a later deadline.

In the written briefing to Councillors on the Planning Committee (28 Jan 14) it was stated that:

3.14 The project has not yet been appraised by ERDF and endorsed, although it has been agreed that a special meeting can be held. The project has been re-tendered through OJEU after a failed attempt to use the Cornwall (Council) Construction Framework programme. If the project goes ahead it is unlikely to start prior to the late summer.

From Public Document Pack (go to Page 35) here.    

 It is understood that the priorities agreed with the EU for the next round of ERDF funding are different from the current round.  There is an emphasis on growth and support for small and medium sized enterprises rather than transport and other forms of infrastructure.  If the current project cannot be delivered within the current ERDF round then it appears less likely/unlikely to be supported in the next round.

The Public Document Pack (see above) also explains the current situation regarding the airport improvement projects.

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