Thursday 13 March 2014

Need to travel from Scilly today - try 40 miles by RIB

Just over a week after giving evidence to the House of Commons Transport Committee about Scilly's impossible transport situation in the winter FRIST Coordinator Marian Bennett finds herself having to resort to a RIB (image above from a Dec 2012 journey) to get to the mainland as the IOS Council representative at an NHS meeting.

West Cornwall is swathed in fog today, the sun is creating a bright glow but horizontal visibility is a few hundred metres. There are therefore currently no flights in or out of Scilly. Like other islanders with an urgent need to travel, Marian will be skidding over the 40 miles between Scilly and Penzance in a high powered RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). This is an expensive (£100+ each way) option and exhausting option (2 hours bouncing over the waves). It is not without some residual risk given the small size of the vessels and the distance from the coast. At least the sea is flat today or at least in Mounts Bay.

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