Wednesday 20 August 2014

Helicopter service discussions to continue.

From The Cornishman online 19 Aug 2014

A meeting is due to take place in Penzance next week to discuss the potential reinstatement of a helicopter service to the Isles of Scilly.

Graham Cole, chairman of the helicopter builders AgustaWestland, will meet other “commercial stakeholders” in a private meeting, said Andrew George.

The west Cornwall MP said he had been asked to facilitate the meeting as he continues to investigate the potential for a new helicopter link.

The meeting follows the completion of a report by consultants Price Waterhouse Coopers, sponsored by Augusta Westland, into the feasibility of resurrecting the service.

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Previous news item (18 Aug) with comments here.


Whilst a replacement helicopter service operating all year around would be a huge relief for islanders, the economics of such a service appear to be an impossible barrier without a Public Service Obligation (PSO) – a Government subsidy. With an established air service operator in place it is difficult to see how a PSO could not be discriminatory and subject to a legal challenge.

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