Saturday 14 January 2017

Tregarthen’s Hotel presents compelling case for new helicopter service.

Nigel Wolstenholme, writing on behalf of the owners of the Tregarthen’s Hotel, in support of the Penzance Heliport planning application, presents a compelling case for the new service.   He explains how the proposals help achieve a key objective in the IOS Council's Strategic Economic Plan (improved transport links with the mainland) and addresses the issues of transport capacity and transport reliability hampering the tourism sector.  He explains that transport limitations have been a contributory factor in the hotel’s previous ‘spiral of decline’ (he also mentions past under-investment in the hotel).   

He states a “helicopter service will assist in accelerating our investment plans at Tregarthen's Hotel"  and that “the limitation to maximising occupation of the accommodation at the Hotel is the current transport capacity”…...

“The Helicopter service offers the best option to rapidly increase capacity with a year round reliable service that can operate in the challenging conditions that prevail on the islands. The proposed location at Penzance offers choice, accessibility and diversity to visitors.”

His 1000 word contribution concludes: 

"We wholeheartedly support the proposal for a replacement heliport at Penzance. We see this as having the potential to be a key driver for accelerating the investment at Tregarthen's Hotel and driving such in the islands generally."

"Tourism is the lifeblood of the islands; Scilly's economy is wholly dependent on tourism, the decline in visitors has threatened its whole structure, and it is essential to our and other similar businesses future survival that this decline is halted and reversed."

"Improved transport links and competition in such, that restoration of the helicopter service brings, is an essential step to ensuring the islands' future sustainability and wellbeing."

You can read the full item by following the link here (scroll down to 13 Jan comments)

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