Tuesday 5 June 2018

Isles of Scilly Transport Board in need of Restructuring/Overhaul

FRIST has pressed for the restoration of the Isles of Scilly Transport Board and that is now happening although the initial agenda items have been based more on the current situation than the Board’s constitution. It is hoped however that the membership of this strategic Board will not continue to be comprised only of ‘cheque book holders’ i.e. transport operators, but include representation of passengers and transport users.

 Our recommendation to the Isles of Scilly Council, which previously instituted the Board, was the following:

 “The Board would comprise two parts:

 1. Strategic Board.


  • Chair – IOS Council Chair
  • Members: IOS Council: Chair, Chief Executive and Lead Member for Place.
  • Cornwall Council: Lead member for Transport and Head of Transport (Officer)
  • Representative of Business (Islands' Partnership) (excluding transport operators).
  • Representative of transport users.
  • Mayor of Penzance or other Penzance Town Council Representative.
  • Duchy of Cornwall.
  • Tresco Estates.

Board not to include non-executives, but if so, there must be a transparent means of selection.

Our MP to be invited when appropriate.

Purpose: to determine strategy, to apply for funds, to liaise with Government, to commission studies.

 2. Operations Board (reporting to the Strategic Board)

  • Chair – CEO of IOS Council
  • A representative from each transport operator, including
  • IOSSG and Tresco helicopter operators.
  • Inter-island boating representatives, one for St. Mary's, one for off-islands.
  • Harbour masters (local and mainland).
  • St. Mary's hauliers.
  • Mainland passenger transport representatives (rail, road).
  • Mainland freight transporters.

Purpose: To consider operational matters in relation to transport between the IOS and mainland; to address customer service issues, both passenger and freight.”

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