Friday 30 November 2012

Severe 'Aggravations' materialize at The Paper Shop – Clive Mumford

Clive Mumford, the proprietor of The Paper Shop, St Mary's predicted “aggravations” for his business this winter with the loss of the helicopter (as reported on this blog 12 Oct).   Clive’s predictions have materialized big time given the truly exceptional weather we have had over the last few weeks.
You can read Clive's account here and the BBC report of his predicament here .
To quote:

 "We have, as a family, been newsagents here for 108 continuous years-my grandmother, father, now me. Never, ever has there been such a run.   Newsprint receipt has become a lottery, more erratic than the days the papers struggled up from the quay by David Rowe’s  horse and cart ."

Referring to the economic impact on his business Clive said:
 ........I won’t go into detail but it is obviously costing me an arm and leg.

Nick Sanders, from the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, commenting on Clive Mumfords situation to the BBC said "Our business was set up by the islanders for the islanders, so we do sympathise." He went on to say "We are doing what we can to mitigate the situation." Follow the link to the BBC article for comments on a hard surface for Lands End Airport and temporary diversion of flights to Newquay Airport. 

 Comment. The fact that Skybus is unable to fly "cargo" (newspapers and post) in and out of Newquay Airport when Lands End Airport is closed due to weather is aggravating the situation for islanders.  It is an issue that FRIST will be asking the IOS Transport Committee to investigate when  the Committee meets on 6 December.  Newquay Airport is owned by Cornwall Council.

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