Sunday 10 February 2013

'Follow by Email' – hiccup!

If you received a FRIST website email update for an old post made on 2 Dec then you are not alone.

Yesterday there was a hiccup with this service.  An email was sent out by Google updating subscribers on the 2 Dec 2012 post about Lands End Airport.

The ‘follow by email’ service is an integral part of ‘Blogger’, the Google blog application that FRIST uses.  This is the first such hiccup FRIST has experienced with this service.  We have reported the anomaly to Google. 

For those who have not used the service, the FRIST website allows you to subscribe for email updates using the “follow by email” function.  This means you can be promptly informed of new content within hours of it being posted thereby avoiding the need to visit the website ‘on spec’ to see if there is anything new.

From the FRIST Social Media Engine Room
(Duty Engineer)

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