Thursday 7 February 2013

FRIST Advisory Group Changes

We are pleased to welcome Tim Guthrie and Avril Mumford to the FRIST Advisory Group and say thank you to the four Advisory Group members who are standing down (Sam Guy, John Peacock, Alasdair Moore, and Clifford Freeman) for their contribution to the Campaign since it was launched in July.

When the FRIST campaign started up the aim was to provide strength of numbers in support of the Council of the Isles of Scilly’s longstanding transport policy objectives, in particular its resolution to seek parity with the Scottish Isles following approval of the ‘Scottish report’. More recently, it appears that the Council’s resolution has weakened while FRIST has maintained its belief in the long term attainability of an affordable, all year, reliable lifeline transport service between Scilly and the mainland. This could potentially damage relationships for some advisory group members with business interests in their own right and who sit on important island organisations all of which require uncomplicated relationships with the Council.

Whilst Scilly has sea and air transport options in the tourist season and major investments underway or planned (public and private) to improve capacity and facilities, future winter transport arrangements for residents look likely to remain severely compromised. This is not an acceptable situation. For this reason, and because the Minister has stated that ongoing public support would only ever be granted for essential community needs, FRIST is seeking to achieve a more balanced mix of community and business interests having started with a heavy business bias.
See here for Scilly Today news item on FRIST changes.
The current Advisory Group membership comprises:

Robert Dorrien-Smith (Tresco)
James Francis (Star Castle Hotel, St Mary’s)
Marian Bennett (Bryher)
Richard Larn (Maritime historian and author)
Avril Mumford
Tim Guthrie
(there are 2 vacant positions)

Lord Tony Berkeley
Dick Cliffe (Penzance Chamber of Commerce)
Mike Adams (Business campaign group Future Penzance)
Rex Cowan (Lawyer, shipwreck explorer, author and broadcaster)
Roger Boughton (long term visitor and logistics expert)

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