Saturday 2 February 2013

Steamship Company expands operations and workforce.

The Steamship Company has announced it is creating approximately 50 new posts as it expands it service.  It is also going ahead with a Sunday ferry service (traditionally there have been no sailings or flights to and from Scilly on a Sunday) during the peak of the tourism season.  The availability of Sunday sailings is not currently shown on the Company’s website but are promised soon. 

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With the demise of BIH helicopter service the additional Sunday sailing is welcomed by FRIST as it provides visitors and islanders a like with more transport options.  Tourism businesses on Scilly and on the mainland have noted in recent years the trend toward short stays rather than long ones.  This trend needs more transport flexibility as far as Scilly is concerned than existed in the past.  It also makes travel ticket prices a more significant part of holiday costs and the Scillonian is the least costly travel option.

The creation of new jobs by the Steamship Company goes some way towards  compensating for the economic impact of the loss of the BIH service from Penzance although this will be little compensation for many of individuals who lost longstanding permanent jobs with BIH when the service closed.

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