Tuesday 31 December 2013

Lands End Airport closed until 3 January

Lands End Airport is closed until 3 Jan due to water-logging of the grass strip.  Travellers will need to alter their travel plans.  See Scilly Today item: here

To add to the IOSSCo's woes the Islands’ supply boat, the Gry Maritha, hit Crow Rock  on the way to St Mary’s from Penzance this evening.  The event happened at 6.15.  There is no report of the vessel being holed.  Emergency services were alerted but not dispatched. Read more from Scilly Today here and .the Western Morning News here  .


The winter of 2013/14 is proving to be another test of islander resilience.   The hard runway at Lands End Airport will be very welcome indeed when it eventually gets constructed.

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