Saturday 1 March 2014

FRIST giving evidence to House of Commons Transport Committee on 3 Mar.

FRIST and other parties involve with IOS transport issues are giving evidence to the House of Commons Transport Committee on Monday, 3 March, at 4.05 pm as part of the Committee's investigation into Passenger Transport for Isolated Communities. Attending and giving evidence are:

Marian Bennett. FRIST
Tim Guthrie. FRIST

Robert Francis, Director, Islands Tourism Partnership/Owner of Star Castle Hotel
Cllr. Chris Thomas, Chair, IOSC Transport Committee
Theo Leijer. Chief Executive, IOSC.

Nigel Blackler. Head of Transportation, Waste and Environment, Cornwall Council

Your can read FRIST's written submission to the Committee (Sep 13) here and recent supplementary evidence (Feb 14) here.

The proceedings are televised and can be watched in real time here.


FRIST will be representing approximately 2500 signed-up FRIST supporters who include about 45% of Scilly's adult population. FRIST will be speaking for the transport needs of both local people and visitors travelling to this most isolated of England’s communities.

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