Sunday 6 April 2014

IOS HealthWatch submission to HofC Transport Committee

The Iislands HealthWatch organization submitted evidence to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee - you can view it here . It is a model of effective communication and grim reading. It is essential reading for anybody in denial about the islands' transport crisis.

You can view all of the submissions to the House of Commons Transport Committee on their website here . Those submissions relating to the IOS can be found by scrolling down the list (dates, reference numbers and originators listed below):

24 March 2014    TIC0135 IOS  HealthWatch
24 March 2014    TIC0136   FRIST
3 March 2014      TIC 0134  FRIST
21 Oct 2013         TIC0127  IOS Council
14 Oct 2013         INQ0056 FRIST

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