Tuesday 10 July 2018

Last call for Penzance Heliport Letters

Time is running out if you want to support the Penzance Heliport planning application. We encourage you to do so if you have not already. Consider encouraging others.

You can make a representation online (register first), by email (to planning@cornwall.gov.uk ) or by letter to “The Planning Officer, Cornwall Council, New County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY.”

The email subject line or letter title line should read: Letter of Support. Penzance Heliport PA16/09346

The letter should refer to ‘material planning concerns’ and use relevant personal experience if helpful to illustrate the point. The material considerations include (amongst others):

  • Improved reliability and frequency of essential transport services between the islands and the mainland.
  • Improvement of the island visitor economy which has stagnated since the loss of the BIH service in 2012.
  • The improved integration of air services with road and rail that is possible at Penzance.
  • The lower environmental impact of operating helicopters from Penzance rather than from Lands End Airport which lies in the heart of the environmentally sensitive AONB.
  • Economic benefits from avoiding a monopoly in the delivery of transport services to the islands.
  • The proven effectiveness and positive economic impact, demonstrated over 38 years, of the previous helicopter service from Penzance compared with the weather limited air services possible from Lands End Airport.
  • The economic benefits to Penzance and West Cornwall in jobs and visitor spending of restoring the Penzance helicopter service. 

1 comment:

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